Alan Fraser

Alan Fraser

placeNovi Sad, Serbia

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Born in Montreal in 1955 Alan Fraser studied piano but also delved into composition, cello, classical singing and had several stints as a pop musician. Alan’s main pianistic influence was the pioneering research of Phil Cohen who studied alongside Ronald Turini, Andre Laplante and Janina Fialkowska with Yvonne Hubert, who had been Cortot‘s assistant in Paris. Alan spent several years with Cohen after an apprenticeship with two former Cohen students, Alan Belkin and Lauretta Milkman.

How do we actually walk?

Alan talks about walking from an anatomical and Feldenkrais perspective

Apr 5, 2020 Beginner Information

Alan's update - March 2020

We are talking about the current situation, teaching remotely, pianimals

Mar 31, 2020 Beginner Information
Mar 30, 2020 Beginner lesson

Feel the wholebody

The body is moving and floating freely and the sound is great

Mar 30, 2020 Beginner lesson
Mar 29, 2020 Beginner lesson

Mysterious inflation of the hand

Hand is like a lung. When you inflate the hand, you can play and move.

Mar 28, 2020 Beginner lesson
Mar 21, 2020 Intermediate lesson
Mar 15, 2020 Intermediate lesson
Mar 13, 2020 Beginner lesson

Dance with the music with your arms

Fingers alone can't do much, use your arms

Mar 2, 2020 Beginner lesson

That left hand

Don't swivel, stand and move laterally

Mar 2, 2020 Beginner lesson

Arm reflecting the phrase shape is what we want

Moving the same way the note is moving, musically

Mar 2, 2020 Beginner lesson

Why such tempo?

A student has an unusual take on this Nocturne's tempo. But is that the only issue here?

Mar 2, 2020 Beginner lesson