Alan Fraser

Alan Fraser

placeNovi Sad, Serbia

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Born in Montreal in 1955 Alan Fraser studied piano but also delved into composition, cello, classical singing and had several stints as a pop musician. Alan’s main pianistic influence was the pioneering research of Phil Cohen who studied alongside Ronald Turini, Andre Laplante and Janina Fialkowska with Yvonne Hubert, who had been Cortot‘s assistant in Paris. Alan spent several years with Cohen after an apprenticeship with two former Cohen students, Alan Belkin and Lauretta Milkman.

We have to move the thumb without "limping"

Let's face it, the thumb is not like the other four fingers on your hand

Feb 2, 2023 Beginner Lecture

You need to practice intelectually

As well as understand musical structure and go constantly go through musical decisions

Feb 1, 2023 Beginner Lecture

Your piano practice should be a reflection of your mind flow

The music is flowing, so should your body

Jan 30, 2023 Beginner Lecture

Tension doesn't have to be bad

Respect the skeletal structure and function

Jan 29, 2023 Beginner Lecture

Biceps and triceps are a very important muscles in piano playing

Pianists are very good about curling their fingers but is that the movement we actually want?

Jan 28, 2023 Beginner Lecture

What about articulations or orchestration while playing the piano?

Alan is taking ideas from Feldenkrais and applying it to piano technique

Jan 25, 2023 Beginner Lecture

Is there a way to get the best elements from all these piano schools?

And by doing so, have the pianist feel better when they play

Jan 25, 2023 Beginner Lecture

What about finger action piano school?

Finger action came before arm weight piano school

Jan 25, 2023 Beginner Lecture

What is arm weight piano technique?

A quick review of the weighted piano technique from Alan

Jan 25, 2023 Beginner Lecture

Three basic thing you can do with the piano

Standing, walking and running

Jan 14, 2023 Beginner Lesson

Playing the piano is not pushing the keys down

The piano is playing you really

Jan 12, 2023 Beginner Lesson

Sound of the skeleton

This feeling has to become a second nature when playing the piano

Jan 5, 2023 Beginner Lesson

Build the feeling of strenght in the hand

When the key goes down, the finger goes up

Jan 3, 2023 Beginner Lesson

The hand extension

is a very important thing when you play the piano

Dec 23, 2022 Beginner Lesson