Alan Fraser

Alan Fraser

placeNovi Sad, Serbia

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Born in Montreal in 1955 Alan Fraser studied piano but also delved into composition, cello, classical singing and had several stints as a pop musician. Alan’s main pianistic influence was the pioneering research of Phil Cohen who studied alongside Ronald Turini, Andre Laplante and Janina Fialkowska with Yvonne Hubert, who had been Cortot‘s assistant in Paris. Alan spent several years with Cohen after an apprenticeship with two former Cohen students, Alan Belkin and Lauretta Milkman.

You need to figure out the thumb

In short, Alan sumarizes all the aspects needed for a healthy piano technique

May 24, 2022 Intermediate Information

Alan's update - May 2022

Latest news from Alan

May 14, 2022 Beginner Information

Alan's attempt to explain the Feldenkrais method

Alan's new book and what is it about in his own words

May 10, 2022 Beginner Information

The art and science of conscious movements at the piano

A rant, as Alan likes to call these videos

May 4, 2022 Intermediate Information

You be the conductor

Guild your forearm as if you were conducting an orchestra

May 3, 2022 Beginner Lesson

Half way between standing and touching

Exploration of a touch. "A little jucier then touching but not so juicy as standing"

Apr 21, 2022 Beginner Lesson

Play like a salsa dancer

Fingers/legs moving while torso is still

Apr 7, 2022 Intermediate Lesson

Make it a horizontal experience

The student is "horizontalizing" the piece

Apr 3, 2022 Intermediate Lesson

Arms' function is lateral not vertical

Sculpt the phrase with an arm and be aware of the line (Prokofiev Vision Fugitives, Op. 22)

Mar 31, 2022 Intermediate Lesson

Your ears tell you, this is right

Fingers work but the brain must think

Mar 16, 2022 Intermediate Lesson
Mar 11, 2022 Intermediate Lesson

Liszt - C major transcendental etude

Liszt - C major transcendental etude

Feb 19, 2022 Intermediate Lesson

Fit as a fiddle and ready to go

Fit as a fiddle and ready to go

Feb 14, 2022 Beginner Lesson

Standing on head

Standing on head

Feb 12, 2022 Beginner Lesson