Alan Fraser

Novi Sad, Serbia

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Born in Montreal in 1955 Alan Fraser studied piano but also delved into composition, cello, classical singing and had several stints as a pop musician. Alan’s main pianistic influence was the pioneering research of Phil Cohen who studied alongside Ronald Turini, Andre Laplante and Janina Fialkowska with Yvonne Hubert, who had been Cortot‘s assistant in Paris. Alan spent several years with Cohen after an apprenticeship with two former Cohen students, Alan Belkin and Lauretta Milkman.

I am Apposing my Thumb to The Fingers

assignmentand what kind of sound do I get?...

scheduleJul 30, 2018


The Bell Hand Concept at the Piano

assignmentIf you pull your hand back a bit, your finger will curl on their own...

scheduleJul 28, 2018


Horizontal Scales

assignmentInspired from Louise Robyn, Chicago pianist and teacher...

scheduleJul 25, 2018

video_libraryAll About Scales and Arpeggios

Chopin-Etude in E Major Op 10 No 3

assignmentWorking on a specific touch that works for entire etude...

scheduleJul 18, 2018

video_libraryChopin Etudes Op. 10

The Neutral Point

assignmentis the point where the greatest amount of potential energy is available...

scheduleJul 16, 2018

video_libraryUnstable Equilibrium

Why Piano Mannerisms Are Not Good For You

assignmentBe relaxed, they said...

scheduleJul 16, 2018

video_libraryUnstable Equilibrium

I Feel So Free

assignmentThere is a need for establishing proper lingo...

scheduleJul 14, 2018

video_libraryUnstable Equilibrium

Elasticity and Unstable Equilibrium

assignmentWalking = unstable quilibrium, running = elasticity + ballance...

scheduleJul 12, 2018

video_libraryUnstable Equilibrium

Transfer of Weight Not Falling

assignmentPelvis (arm hip-joint) is smoothing everything out...

scheduleJul 11, 2018

video_libraryUnstable Equilibrium

How to Establish a State of Unstable Equilibrium

assignmentBallancing up and down forces, but how would you do that?...

scheduleJul 10, 2018

video_libraryUnstable Equilibrium