Jovan Haji-Djurich

Utrecht, NL

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Jovan is a pianist and web developer behind He has gotten his masters degrees both with Alan Fraser and Kemal Gekic. Originally from Serbia, now lives in Utrecht, The Netherlands.


assignmentHow to search the site and its libraries...

scheduleNov 2, 2017

video_libraryHow to Use


Franz Liszt in Paris

assignmentLiszt in Paris, education, friends and influences.....

scheduleOct 30, 2017

video_libraryThe Famous Pianists

Private Workshops Lessons Privacy Settings

assignmentJovan explains how to set privacy level/s on private workshop lessons...

scheduleOct 30, 2017

video_libraryHow to Use


Franz Liszt - Early Life

assignmentWe are talking about Listz's early life, up until the moment he moved to Paris...

scheduleSep 9, 2017

video_libraryThe Famous Pianists

Konigsfeld 2015 - Intro

assignmentA Quick update from Jovan on this series...

scheduleJun 14, 2017

video_libraryKemal Gekic Recital - Koningsfeld 2015

Chopin and Liszt

assignmentWe are talking about their personal relationship in this short video...

scheduleFeb 25, 2017

video_libraryThe Famous Pianists

Chopin-Life in Paris 1831-1837

assignmentWe are talking about Chopin's life in Paris from 1831 to 1837 in this video....

scheduleFeb 17, 2017

video_libraryThe Famous Pianists

Chopin - Early Life

assignmentWe are covering Chopin's early life up until 1831, when he moved to Paris....

scheduleDec 12, 2016

video_libraryThe Famous Pianists

Romanticism and Piano

assignmentWe are looking into romanticism as an art movement and how it reflected on music and piano...

scheduleDec 1, 2016

video_libraryThe Famous Pianists

Experience Points

assignmentJovan talks about XPs...

scheduleOct 20, 2016

video_libraryHow to Use