Lessons tagged with 'Young Pianists'

Title Description Teacher Freebie?
Piano Exercises for Beginners A bit of theory and hands on exercises with young pianists. From Montreal, CA 2019.. Alan Fraser
Intro to Pianimals A short lecture Alan gave on his latest project Pianimals in Montreal, Canada in M.. Alan Fraser
Rachmaninoff - C# Prelude Alan working with a young pianist Alan Fraser
Developing Hand Hip Joint with Walking Exercise Thumb exercises and functional hand, introduced to a young pianist Alan Fraser
Chopin - Op 25 No 12 Standing up without rigidifying your structure Alan Fraser
Teaching All These Piano Techniques to Young Pianists Teaching piano is hard. How about the old "hold the apple" routine? Alan Fraser
The Handy Harry Leg Slide Exercise Group 4, lesson 12 Alan Fraser
Tom-Freddie and Louis Help Handy Harry Take Even BIGGER Steps, Group 4, lesson 11 Alan Fraser
Tom Thumb Helps Handy Harry Take Some Giant Steps Group 4, lesson 10 Alan Fraser
Lesson IV-9-Tom Thumb and the Articulated Screwdriver Group 4, lesson 9 Alan Fraser
Lesson IV-8-Alligator Grows Some New Teeth Group 4, lesson 8 Alan Fraser
Lesson IV-7-Handy Harry-Alligator Makes a Big Yawn Group 4, lesson 7 Alan Fraser
Lesson IV-6-Reverse Opposition Handy Harry Does Some Strange Sideways Rocking, Group 4, lesson 6 Alan Fraser
Lesson IV-5-Handy Harry Draws Circles in the Air Group 4, lesson 5 Alan Fraser
Lesson IV-4-Handy Harry Draws a Square on the Ground Group 4, lesson 4 Alan Fraser
Lesson IV-3-Thumb Rolling Handy Harry Does a Somersault Group 4, lesson 3 Alan Fraser
Lesson IV-2-Handy Harry Scratches His Other Leg With His Thumb Foot Group 4, lesson 2 Alan Fraser
Lesson IV-1-The Woodpecker Group 4, lesson 1 Alan Fraser
Lesson III-14-Handy Harry Revs His Legs Group 3, lesson 14 Alan Fraser
Lesson III-13-Handy Harry Launches Himself Forward Group 3, lesson 13 Alan Fraser
Lesson III-12-Handy Harry Slaps The Ground With His Foot Group 3, lesson 12 Alan Fraser
Lesson III-11-Handy Harry Scratches His Leg With his "fifth finger foot", group 3, lesson 11 Alan Fraser
Lesson III-10-Freddie Flexor and Louis Lumbrical Work Together To pull Handy Harry up, group 3, lesson 10 Alan Fraser
Lesson III-9-Freddie Flexor Saves Handy Harry From Falling Off the Cliff Group 3, lesson 9 Alan Fraser
Lesson III-8-Handy Harry Stands Up Group 3, lesson 8 Alan Fraser
Lesson III-7-Handy Harry is a Roly-Poly Group 3, lesson 7 Alan Fraser
Lesson III-6-Handy Harry on the Keyboard Trampoline Group 3, lesson 6 Alan Fraser
Lesson III-5-Handy Harry on the Trampoline Group 3, lesson 5 Alan Fraser
Lesson III-4-Handy Harry on All Fours on the Keys Group 3, lesson 4 Alan Fraser
Lesson III-3-Handy Harry Comes up Onto All Fours Group 3, lesson 3 Alan Fraser
Lesson III-2-Louis Lumbrical Saves Handy Harry from falling off a cliff Alan Fraser
Lesson III-1-Fingers Beckon-Come Here and Wave Bye-Bye Group 3, lesson 1 Alan Fraser
Lesson II-10-Kiddie Craft Handy Harry and Rex Wrist Alan Fraser
Lesson II-9-Kiddie Craft Kiddie Craft - Lesson II-9 Alan Fraser
Lesson II-7-Freddie Flexor Helps Handy Harry Crawl like a Centipede We also learn a difference between curling, flexing, bending and curving Alan Fraser
Lesson II-6-Handy Harry Folds Himself Up To Do a Somersault: Hello Freddie Flexor This lesson bends the fingers in a completely different way. Alan Fraser
Lesson II-5-Handy Harry Sticks his Bottom in the Air The first part of this lesson is the same as the previous one – but after a few .. Alan Fraser
Lesson II-4-Handy Harry as Swamp Monster-Hello Louis Lumbrical Story about the swamp monster hand Alan Fraser
Different Quality of Strength The hand is let go but there is a specific quality of touch and strength Alan Fraser
Lesson II-3-Handy Harry Slipping and Sliding Slipping and sliding exercise, fourth arch of the hand, metacarpals Alan Fraser
Lesson II-1-Meet Handy Harry The main protagonist, Handy Harry Alan Fraser
Kiddie Craft - Introduction Alan talking about his latest project, a book for piano teachers and adult beginne.. Alan Fraser
La Campanella - Opening Ten minute segment on the famous La Campanella opening Alan Fraser
Schumann-Wild Rider Alan's take on the famous children's piece. If you teach piano, you will find this.. Alan Fraser
Clementi Sonatina and Standing Teaching a young pianist to stand up and the sound is better right away Alan Fraser
Clementi Sonatina and Rhythm Carter's rhythm is a bit off and Alan jumps in to help. Alan Fraser
Practical Examples of Piano Pedagogy Part 2 Developing a functional hand arch early on is a must Alan Fraser
Beethoven-2nd Concerto-3rd Mvt-Joplin-The-Entertainer Recorded in 2002 Alan Fraser
Arm Weight Discussion A lesson with a young pianist from 2009. Alan talks about arm weight and skeletali.. Alan Fraser
Back to Basics 18 minute long lesson with a young pianist packed with useful info Alan Fraser
The First Lesson-Hand Position A question on how do we set up a beginner's hand on the piano Alan Fraser
Piano Walking and the Young Pianists Alan works with a young student and explains the propper technique Alan Fraser
How Do We Work With Children Alan talks about the right way to get started with the piano and how the teacher s.. Alan Fraser
Light Walk and the Arch Asked by: Mel02 Alan Fraser
Alan Fraser & Young Pianists - Alla Turca Alla Turca with Alan Fraser and a young pianist Alan Fraser
Alan Fraser & Young Pianists Part 1 Alan is working on a Khachaturian piece with a young pianist Alan Fraser