Lessons tagged with 'Structure'

Title Description Teacher Freebie?
Jazz Piano - Improve Structure to Improve Sound Alan is explaining how to create open, singing sound Alan Fraser
Hand Arch is the Voice of the Piano Empowered structure = the piano's voice Alan Fraser
Structure Solidification is to be Avoided Asked by: markeog Alan Fraser
The Hand Structure Needs to Float Maybe your hand structure is really good but if it doesn't move, your fingers are .. Alan Fraser
Hand of a Jazz Player Needs to be Active Too And that goes for everything you play Alan Fraser
Do Not Loose Your Hand Structure It affects the sound as well as induces tension in the wrist and forearm Alan Fraser
The Functional Solution for the Thumb Problem Thinking of the shape of the structure instead of the movement of the structure Alan Fraser
Maintaining the Hand Structure and Finger Independence Asked by: Ingela Alan Fraser
Keeping the Angle the Same The structure needs to be elastified Alan Fraser
Make the Length of the Fingers the Same Changing the angle of the hand does not help muscles and they stop working. Alan Fraser
Chopin - Etude Op 10 No 1 - Ascending Arpeggio We are actually braking the hand structure and figuring out what is needed here Alan Fraser
Asserting the Sound - Moving Before the Key Moves The difference between solidifying the structure/internal movement and the sound w.. Alan Fraser
Working With Large Architectonic Structures in Music via Liszt's Mephisto Waltz No. 3, Alan talks about long term structures in music a.. Alan Fraser
Chopin-Hand Structure in the Harp Etude Part 1 Chopin's Etude Op.25 #1 - Ohio, November 2016 Alan Fraser
The Right Kind of Movement Muscles, hand, arch, movement Alan Fraser
Thinking in Terms of Functional Structure Asked by: Barbara Alan Fraser
Organic Hand Series Wrap Up Alan wraps up the lecture and the series by talking about palm, harpsichord, walki.. Alan Fraser
The Wisdom of The Palm How do we make up the lost time and get up to speed with the propper technique Alan Fraser
Clamped Thumb and The Flat Structure Alan talks about the flat but active structure and the thumb Alan Fraser
Smooth Scales Alan helps a student iron out his scales Alan Fraser
The Functional Thumb Thumb's role and function in a healthy structure Alan Fraser
Movable Structure The importance of movable structure when playing the piano Alan Fraser
Basic Function of the Hand Alex just had his first lesson with Alan. He learns how to use his hands efficient.. Alan Fraser
Equal and Opposite Reaction for Better Structure Application of Newton's third law on hand's structure Alan Fraser