Lessons tagged with 'Strength'

Title Description Teacher Freebie?
Massive Sound in Liszt without Banging Liszt-WIlde Jagt-Transcendental Etude Alan Fraser
Different Quality of Strength The hand is let go but there is a specific quality of touch and strength Alan Fraser
The Balance of the Down and Up Forces Alan explains how to balance out the sound, soundboard and Horowitz Alan Fraser
On building up Pianistic Endurance Asked by: markeog Alan Fraser
Rachmaninoff - Little Red Riding Hood Etude Part 1 Satchi doesn't know how to produce a good and strong piano sound. Alan is helping .. Alan Fraser
Maiden's Wish Part 2 Alan and Lars are talking about the arch and hand structure Alan Fraser
Chopin - Military Polonaise Op.40 No.1 Part 1 Alan is helping Michael use his body in piano playing, not just his hands. Alan Fraser