Lessons tagged with 'Scales'

Title Description Teacher Freebie?
Scale Essentials A short segment on scales and the whole hand drop issue Alan Fraser
Scales and Arpeggios - The Major Pillar in Your Piano Technique The one and only way to approach scales and arpeggios Alan Fraser
The Thumb is Only Doing its Job If you are not swiveling your hand Alan Fraser
Horizontal Scales Inspired from Louise Robyn, Chicago pianist and teacher Alan Fraser
How to Practice Scales Slowly By activating hand's hip joint all the way Alan Fraser
The Thumb Goes Under or Maybe Not The oldest questions in the piano book Alan Fraser
If you See the Hand Swiveling Horizontally Then the thumb and fingers aren't functional Alan Fraser
Teach The Reflexes to Stand Up in Fast Tempo The functional hand can not collapse in fast tempo Alan Fraser
Standing in Scales and Why is it Important Alan is working with a young pianist and explaining the importance of standing Alan Fraser
The Hand Stays in Balance The true point of unstable equilbrium and the mental image we need to cultivate Alan Fraser
Healthy and Exuberant Thumb The thumb should not be dysfunctional Alan Fraser
The Power that Animates a Scale The thumb needs to do this amazing carrying job Alan Fraser
Pivoting vs Wobbling in Arpeggios pronation and supination w/ small hands Alan Fraser
Arpeggios - The Thumb Needs to be Springy When you swivel you, rob the thumb of it's power Alan Fraser
Slide for the Better Elasticity The sliding is designed to get rid of the remaining crampedness Alan Fraser
The Real Prerequisite for Playing Good Scales and Arpeggios is the functional hand! Alan Fraser
Left Hand Arpeggios Open the hand and get "springy" Alan Fraser
Play The Scales Like Chico Marx The springiness of the thumb is what gets us through Alan Fraser
Stepping Stones - Going Down The springy thumb is powering the whole motion Alan Fraser
Keeping the Angle the Same The structure needs to be elastified Alan Fraser
Scales - Going Down The thumb carries the hand. Springiness! Alan Fraser
Make the Length of the Fingers the Same Changing the angle of the hand does not help muscles and they stop working. Alan Fraser
Putting the Thumb Under in Scales Alan is busting the myth: opposition, not flexion Alan Fraser
Scales are the Grammar of Music Alan and a young pianist working on b flat minor scale Alan Fraser
Left Hand Scales Alan is showing Jean a few exercises for the left hand scales. Alan Fraser
Functional Wrist and Thumb for Better Scales Stable wrist, rotation and functional thumb are prerequisites for healthy scales Alan Fraser
MCP and Scales Do you tuck the finger under, rotate or you do something completely different? Alan Fraser
The Movement that Solves the Scales Problem Intro lesson to the Scales and Injury series Alan Fraser
How to Play Fast Scales Hot seat workshop in Vussem, Germany 2016 Alan Fraser
Contracted Triceps and Scales Asked by: Johannes Alan Fraser
The Thumb Opposition And Rotation in Scales An ongoing conversation on the rotation and thumb opposition Alan Fraser
Standing Hand in Scales Alan is explaining how to 'stand up' the hand while playing scales Alan Fraser
Thumb Exercises We are finishing up this series with various exercises designed to separate sensor.. Alan Fraser
Smooth Scales Alan helps a student iron out his scales Alan Fraser
The Thumb in Scales Alan is talking about the thumb, scales.. Alan Fraser
Elastic Placement for Better Scales Overholding, springy wrist and elasticity Alan Fraser
Rotation in Scales and Leaps Alan talks about scales and leaps and gives examples from the literature Alan Fraser
Rotation and Counter Rotation for a Healthy Hand Alan talks about remedial effects rotation has on piano technique as well as rotat.. Alan Fraser
Rotation in Scales and Arpeggios Asked by: Plaine Alan Fraser
How to Play Fast Scales? Asked by: Christine Alan Fraser
A Lesson on Scales A very informative lessons on scales with Alan Alan Fraser
How to Play and Practice Scales Part 1 Alan is talking about best practices when playing scales. Color, touch, palm Alan Fraser