Lessons tagged with 'Posture'

Title Description Teacher Freebie?
Well Organized and Integrated Posture Where the kinematic chain goes from finger tip through the neck into the core Alan Fraser
Fight the Stiffness with Posture Everybody is different. Teachers should really adjust to their students Alan Fraser
Adjustment of Posture in the Functional Sense vs. mechanical sense and all that applied to piano Alan Fraser
Alan Fraser Working with the Violinist Violin lesson from Hamm 2014 Alan Fraser
On Neutral Posture What is a neutral posture for Alan Alan Fraser
Rachmaninoff - G sharp Minor Prelude with Phil 40 minute lesson with Phil Cohen from 2014 Alan Fraser
Piano-Voice and Posture Alan working with a vocalist on Burt Barcharch songs The look of love and promises.. Alan Fraser
Breathing Spine, Knees and Pilates A wrap up video on the mini series where Alan talks about the breathing spine and .. Alan Fraser