Lessons tagged with 'Injury'

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Injury Journal - Diaphragm Hip Joint Shoulder Hand Latest update from Alan on his injury (April 2019) Alan Fraser
Mephisto Waltz Rockets Alan is attempting to not only avoid the injury but actually heal his shoulder by .. Alan Fraser
Play Mephisto Waltz from Injured Point of View In other words, really dissect the score and learn it in a way that cultivates hea.. Alan Fraser
Curling without any Tension There is a way of not dis-empowering the MCP and really making it work Alan Fraser
Palm in Contact with the Keys Alan says he can "sense through" the keyboard better if his palm is down, touching.. Alan Fraser
Elastic Thumb Separation Alan is exploring many concept in this episode and taking us on a journey. Alan Fraser
Elastic Thumb Separation Alan is exploring many concept in this episode and taking us on a journey. Alan Fraser
Injury and Dystonia A bit about injury from Alan's personal experience Alan Fraser
A Specific Degree of Muscle Tonus Alan is talking about specific type of tonus on the fingers complementary to the t.. Alan Fraser
Piano Kinematics in Action Alan giving himself a lessons, sort of on Scriabin Op.9 Alan Fraser
Remove The Bad Neuro Motor Patterns and focal dystonia might just go away Alan Fraser
Taking the Pressure Off the Neck Cramped shoulders and how Tai Chi helps with that Alan Fraser
Well Organized and Integrated Posture Where the kinematic chain goes from finger tip through the neck into the core Alan Fraser
Thumb Corkscrew Action Creates a moving entity Alan Fraser
Curling of Nail Joints Is curling the nail joints or fingers weakening arches of the hand? Alan Fraser
Individuation of the Sound The hand has this amazing capacity to individuate parts of itself from within Alan Fraser
Applying These Ideas to the Repertoire Scriabin Op.9 No.1 Alan Fraser
What is the Function Don't follow the finger down into the key Alan Fraser
Alan Fraser Injured Holy Cow Alan injured his hand. Here is what happened Alan Fraser
Resolving a Focal Dystonia - The First Steps in Structural Function Rehabilitation with comments (Alan) Alan Fraser
Hand Arch-Thumb Activation Exercises Arm should do most of the work, fingers are only keeping the keys down Alan Fraser
Focal Dystonia Alan talks about dystonia and how to avoid/fix it Alan Fraser
The Functional Relationship of Thumb and the Finger Making a tiny adjustments and the thumb being activated Alan Fraser
Exercises for Injured Thumb Alan and Jean are working around the injury and trying to make the thumb work again Alan Fraser
The Movement that Solves the Scales Problem Intro lesson to the Scales and Injury series Alan Fraser
Diagnosis Based on Localisation of Pain-Tension-Fatigue Asked by: semiquaver Alan Fraser