Lessons tagged with 'Grasping'

Title Description Teacher Freebie?
Why is the Thumb so Rich Some of you might already be familiar with the fuction of the thumb but it's good .. Alan Fraser
If We Grasp We Instantly Have the Arch Structure of the Hand Use the arch and nullify the uglu down forces and get the healty tone Alan Fraser
Putting the Hands Inside the Piano Asked by: hadarmo2 Alan Fraser
Horowitz Style Octaves Asked by: hadarmo2 Alan Fraser
Four Types of Arches Alan talks about different types of arches of the hand and grasping Alan Fraser
How Can Thumb Play the Piano? Short lesson on the thumb and how we started playing with it Alan Fraser
Action Which Generates the Physical Connection Alan talks about the importance of good connection and how to make it happen Alan Fraser
Plucking vs Grasping Asked by: Mel02 Alan Fraser
Chopin - D flat Nocturne Op 27 No 2 Part 3 Even though this lesson is on Nocturno, Alan really talks about hand structure, gr.. Alan Fraser