Lessons tagged with 'Fingers'

Title Description Teacher Freebie?
Teaching All These Piano Techniques to Young Pianists Teaching piano is hard. How about the old "hold the apple" routine? Alan Fraser
Rich and Powerful Sound With Arm Weight Technique Alan explains the real mechanics behind the arm weight technique Alan Fraser
What is the Arm-Thumb? Asked by: hadarmo2 Alan Fraser
Responsive Hand With Bee Sting Relationship Specific quality of sound with curled fingers Alan Fraser
Go Back to the Fingers and Start Curling Once your hand structure is solid, go back to the fingers and establish the point .. Alan Fraser
The Integrated Hand and Rhythmic Patterns Free fingers and rhythmic patterns in left hand Alan Fraser
Hand Organized to Maniplate the Key Reactivating middle finger joints Alan Fraser
Maintaining the Hand Structure and Finger Independence Asked by: Ingela Alan Fraser
The Hand is a Bipartite Structure Fingers/thumb and the wrist Alan Fraser
The Functional Relationship of Thumb and the Finger Making a tiny adjustments and the thumb being activated Alan Fraser
Lifting Fingers A question about lifting fingers and finger action Alan Fraser
Elasticity and Flat Fingers Asked by: Johannes Alan Fraser
Elastic Bowing Movement in the Finger Alan talks about curved finger curles, Glenn Gould and Horowitz and other various .. Alan Fraser
Lay Down Your Flat Hand Alan talks about flat fingers, unified flection and agogics Alan Fraser
Thumb and the Rest of the Hand Asked by: hadarmo2 Alan Fraser
Differentiation of Fingers and the Arm Alan explains what the arm weight is and how people fail to explain it well Alan Fraser
On Structure - Standing - Pressure Lots of things going on in this lesson. Alan mainly talks about hand structure and.. Alan Fraser
Flat vs Curved Fingers Asked by: markeog Alan Fraser