Lessons tagged with 'Elasticity'

Title Description Teacher Freebie?
Elastic Energy is Free Energy Alan shows videos of people walking from the beginning of the last century and dra.. Alan Fraser
Chopin-Etude in d flat major Op 25 No 8 Keep the hand in this state where you don't think of the 6th in the right hand and.. Alan Fraser
Elastically Loading the Thumb and Uncurling the Claw Asked by: markeog Alan Fraser
Elasticity for the Left Hand and the Thumb Alan is playing through this etude and giving us insight in how his mind works Alan Fraser
Elasticity Explained This concept once properly understood will make a huge difference in your playing Alan Fraser
Elasticity and Unstable Equilibrium Walking = unstable quilibrium, running = elasticity + ballance Alan Fraser
Transfer of Weight Not Falling Pelvis (arm hip-joint) is smoothing everything out Alan Fraser
Chopin - Op 25 No 12 Standing up without rigidifying your structure Alan Fraser
Elastic Chords How does all this apply to chords? Alan Fraser
Two Note Slurs What about slurs? Lots of elasticity! Alan Fraser
The Kind of Tension You Really Want Being elastic without being tense Alan Fraser
C Minor Two Part Invention We need to cultivate concepts like elasticity from the very beginning Jovan Haji-Djurich
The Basis of Elasticity Asked by: plaine Alan Fraser
Slide for the Better Elasticity The sliding is designed to get rid of the remaining crampedness Alan Fraser
Constantly Cultivating Sense of Opposition and Classification of the Hand How to develop an elastic component of the hand? Alan Fraser
Elasticity is not Quite Like Tension Much of our movement is elastically generated, not just muscle contraction Alan Fraser
Elasticity is not Quite Like Tension Much of our movement is elastically generated, not just muscle contraction Alan Fraser
Arm Weight Technique and Antigravity What allows us to produce tones that have musical value and no agression in them? Alan Fraser
The Arch of the Hand is Always Elastically Loaded Extreme Voicing opens up he sound of the piano, and the arch should be elastic Alan Fraser
Elastic Quality Asked by: adrienschmitt Alan Fraser
Elastic Standing A fresh take on arm weight. Thumb through shoulder connection via elastic thumb Alan Fraser
Rotation and Elastical Connection Alan is building up Mario's collapsed hand. The hand is joined by elastic strings .. Alan Fraser
Elastic Loading of the Thumb Asked by: markeog Alan Fraser
The Best Mephisto Waltz Alan and Jan dig deeper into the waltz and talk about elasticity, structure, Mephi.. Alan Fraser
Russian Piano Pressure School Preassure technique and elastic raction Alan Fraser
Biotensegrity in service of Arch and Elasticity We have talked about biotensegrity before and now it's time we put it to work Alan Fraser
Muscular Engagement Elasticity, tonus, muscles, bones, skeleton Alan Fraser
Elasticity and Flat Fingers Asked by: Johannes Alan Fraser
Why is Elasticity Important Alan talks about elasticity and why we should embrace it. Alan Fraser
Elastic Bowing Movement in the Finger Alan talks about curved finger curles, Glenn Gould and Horowitz and other various .. Alan Fraser
Making the Piano Sound Exceptional Hand's structure and function and how does that relate to the sound Alan Fraser
Elastic Placement for Better Scales Overholding, springy wrist and elasticity Alan Fraser
Re-establish the Hands Biological Relationship to the Keyboard You don't learn to walk by walking Alan Fraser
Elastic Release for Brilliance and Ease Structured hand is not a stiff hand if it's elastically created Alan Fraser
Elastic Hand - Playing From Within The Key Melt your hand into the piano and get alive sound Alan Fraser
Lay Down Your Flat Hand Alan talks about flat fingers, unified flection and agogics Alan Fraser
Elasticising Sound Aesthetic for the Ocean Etude The sound picture for the entire etude Alan Fraser
Elastic Hand for A Chopin Etude Alan talks about the sound and scouping, fulcrum like movement that induces elasti.. Alan Fraser
Octaves and Biotensegrity Elasticity and biotensegrity applied to octaves Alan Fraser
Elastic Release and Extensors Alan talks about elastic loading, stretch reflex, Kemal Gekic, Taubman Alan Fraser
Different Strokes for Different Folks A question on elasticity from an audience member in Smith AFFI Alan Fraser
Elasticity and Stretching Alan's take on stretching and elasticity Alan Fraser