Lessons tagged with 'Curling'

"Cliffhang" to curl the fingertip

Pianimals teachers exercise 28

Alan Fraser
Aug 26, 2020 Beginner Information

Responsive Hand With Bee Sting Relationship

Specific quality of sound with curled fingers

Alan Fraser
Feb 24, 2018 Intermediate Lesson

Go Back to the Fingers and Start Curling

Once your hand structure is solid, go back to the fingers and establish the point of contact

Alan Fraser
Feb 22, 2018 Intermediate Lesson

The Context Dictates the Technique We are Going to Use

Resolve musical challenges first. Curled fingers

Alan Fraser
Feb 16, 2018 Intermediate Lesson

Lesson II-7-Freddie Flexor Helps Handy Harry Crawl like a Centipede

We also learn a difference between curling, flexing, bending and curving

Alan Fraser
May 30, 2017 Beginner Lecture