Lessons tagged with 'Chopin Ballade'

Title Description Teacher Freebie?
Chopin-Etude in C Sharp Minor Op 10 No 4 It's really an etude for the thumb - Alan (45 min long) Alan Fraser
Chopin - G Minor Ballade Kemal plays Chopin G minor ballade Kemal Gekic
Second Ballade Opening Standing, double escapement.. Alan Fraser
Chopin - Fourth Ballade Part 1 Alan is working on freeing up the student's skeleton in order to free up her hands Alan Fraser
Liszt - La Campanella - Chopin - G minor Ballade Unedited lesson from a masterclass Kemal gave in Japan. One hour and 16 minutes lo.. Kemal Gekic
Chopin - Ballade No.3 Op.47 45 minute lessons where Alan is helping Jordan be free of arm weight technique tha.. Alan Fraser