Lessons tagged with 'Arm Weight'

Title Description Teacher Freebie?
Weighted Touch and the Nature of the Key Alan covers a few important concepts in this short episode such as paying attentio.. Alan Fraser
Weight Technique as Biotensegrity Entity Arm weight isn't bad really. What's important is the way it's explained Alan Fraser
Is Weighted Touch Good for You Weighted touch reduces melodic flexibility and orchestral sound Alan Fraser
Distribute the Weight Between Upper Arm and Fingers Asked by: Simon Chu Alan Fraser
Weight Unsuited to Moving a Lever Alan talking about his work with Phil his school of pianism. Alan Fraser
I Feel So Free There is a need for establishing proper lingo Alan Fraser
Transfer of Weight Not Falling Pelvis (arm hip-joint) is smoothing everything out Alan Fraser
How to Establish a State of Unstable Equilibrium Ballancing up and down forces, but how would you do that? Alan Fraser
Loose Finger Joints and the Arm Weight Technique We need to provide certain neurological sensory images for our brain Alan Fraser
Playing Chords in an Organized Way As long as our hands are standing and not falling Alan Fraser
Eastern European Arm Weight Technique Seems to be very vertical in it's approach but the hand needs to be "lateralized" .. Alan Fraser
Rich and Powerful Sound With Arm Weight Technique Alan explains the real mechanics behind the arm weight technique Alan Fraser
Feel The Weight of Your Arm But it's not only that, isn't it? Alan Fraser
Teach Your Hand to Walk A paralel between human walking and piano walking Alan Fraser
No Strain in Your Sound White muscles at work and cultivating this kind of sound Alan Fraser
What is Unstable Equilibrium We are also talking about rotation, arm weight, directions of movement and more Alan Fraser
Galvanize Your Hand Alan is showing a technique that might be useful to a few people Alan Fraser
The Tragedy and the Cure of Arm Weight Technique An amazing 47 minute long lesson on arm weight with subtitles (Brahms B flat inter.. Alan Fraser
Rotation While Maintaining Skeletal Balance The paralel between hipjoints and the hand and the ease of lateral movement at the.. Alan Fraser
Arm Weight Technique and Antigravity What allows us to produce tones that have musical value and no agression in them? Alan Fraser
Freely Floating Sound and Arm Weight Alan shows how to get that rich full sound out of the piano Alan Fraser
Standing and Arm Weight How To Remon is caught up in dichotomy. Standing is good but thinking about it all the ti.. Alan Fraser
Pianistic Self Image We should be working on empowering the pianistic self image Alan Fraser
How to Actually Teach Arm Weight Risk of introducing arm weight Technique at the beginning Alan Fraser
Educate the Hand When the hand is resolved the body start working really well Alan Fraser
Arm Weight - Who is it for Arm Weight is very easy to misunderstand. Should we have it in our pianistic toolb.. Alan Fraser
Invoke that Degree of Elasticity Allow yourself to fall and then elastically stand Alan Fraser
The Sound Can not Be Rigid but Elastic Elasticity bring a specific vitality to our sound Alan Fraser
Intro - The Kind of Action We are Looking For Connect but don't compress the key, that's the trick Alan Fraser
Bringing Forearm Into the Picture "Adding" the forearm to the hand Alan Fraser
Activate the Thumb Alan is helping Adrien activate his thumb and make it a bit more organic by allowi.. Alan Fraser
Elastic Standing A fresh take on arm weight. Thumb through shoulder connection via elastic thumb Alan Fraser
Ludwig Deppe Alan talks about Deppe, the father of modern piano technique Alan Fraser
Ludwig Deppe Alan talks about Deppe, the father of modern piano technique Alan Fraser
Arm Weight - The Right Way Continuation of the second lesson in this series, and a few other concepts Alan Fraser
Bone Alignment and the Schools of Piano Technique Have we all been taught arm weight wrong? Alan Fraser
Brahms-B flat Minor Intermezzo Op 117 No 2 Anti Arm Weight Lesson Alan Fraser
Arm Weight Discussion A lesson with a young pianist from 2009. Alan talks about arm weight and skeletali.. Alan Fraser
Biotensegrity for a Better Hand Biotensegrity makes every piano approach better and unifies them all Alan Fraser
Intro to Biotensegrity A way to unify all the school of piano technique Alan Fraser
Skeletal Mechanics How skeletal mechanics relate to piano playing Alan Fraser
Making Peace with Gravity Alan explains how arm weight divorces hand from the gravity Alan Fraser
Differentiation of Fingers and the Arm Alan explains what the arm weight is and how people fail to explain it well Alan Fraser
Lambasting Arm Weight Technique Alan talks about how he has felt about arm weight most of his life Alan Fraser
Elastic Release and Extensors Alan talks about elastic loading, stretch reflex, Kemal Gekic, Taubman Alan Fraser
Fixing the Arm Weight Alan demonstrates how to fix the arm weight (if you wanted to) in a few simple ste.. Alan Fraser
Alive Sound Alan talks about the arch, arm weight, how to make sound alive Alan Fraser
Lecture on Arm Weight and Harpsichord Technique Part 1 Alan is comparing harpsichord technique to the modern technique and talks about ar.. Alan Fraser