Lessons tagged with 'Scriabin'

Palm in Contact with the Keys

Alan says he can "sense through" the keyboard better if his palm is down, touching the keys. Notice that he still maintains the hand structure even though his palm is flat

Alan Fraser
Dec 24, 2018 Intermediate Tutorial

Elastic Thumb Separation

Alan is exploring many concept in this episode and taking us on a journey.

Alan Fraser
Nov 18, 2018 Intermediate Tutorial

Piano Kinematics in Action

Alan giving himself a lessons, sort of on Scriabin Op.9

Alan Fraser
Oct 8, 2018 Intermediate Tutorial

Prelude and Nocturne for the Left Hand Opus 9

Alan performing Scriabin op.9

Alan Fraser
Oct 5, 2018 Advanced Information

Well Organized and Integrated Posture

Where the kinematic chain goes from finger tip through the neck into the core

Alan Fraser
Jun 6, 2018 Advanced Lecture

Scriabin-Vers la Flamme

Alan and Phil working on Scriabin

Alan Fraser
May 28, 2018 Advanced Lesson
Alan Fraser
Apr 2, 2018 Advanced Lecture