Integrated Hands and Touches

It all begins with touch, this is where the communication between us and the instrument starts.


person Alan Fraser

video_library 17 Episodes

schedule 1 hour 17 minutes 54 seconds


Episode 1

The Interchange Between Sound and the Feelings

The initial point of touch, fingertip and the key

access_time4 minutes 2 seconds


Episode 2

Hand Organized to Maniplate the Key

Reactivating middle finger joints

access_time4 minutes 1 second


Episode 3

Hooking in Never Compromises the Good Organisation

of MCP joint/s

access_time3 minutes 20 seconds


Episode 4

No Strain in Your Sound

White muscles at work and cultivating this kind of sound

access_time4 minutes 28 seconds


Episode 5

Reducing the Muscular Effort

Freeing ourselves from too much muscular input

access_time4 minutes 2 seconds


Episode 6

The Problem All The Pianists Generally Have

Functional MCP that is

access_time4 minutes 25 seconds


Episode 7

Fingertip Dropping into the Key

And as it drops the hipjoint rises

access_time5 minutes 30 seconds


Episode 8

The Functional Solution for the Thumb Problem

Thinking of the shape of the structure instead of the movement of the structure

access_time4 minutes 56 seconds


Episode 9

Who Is Right? Chopin or the Physicists?

The link between piano Technique and music making

access_time6 minutes 4 seconds


Episode 10

The Integrated Hand and Rhythmic Patterns

Free fingers and rhythmic patterns in left hand

access_time4 minutes 56 seconds


Episode 11

The Slap Bass Technique

We are looking into a specific use case in the left hand

access_time5 minutes 38 seconds


Episode 12

The Context Dictates the Technique We are Going to Use

Resolve musical challenges first. Curled fingers

access_time3 minutes 35 seconds


Episode 13

Musical Challenge Gave You the Hand You Want

Wrap up of lesson two of this amazing session with Hanno.

access_time3 minutes 23 seconds


Episode 14

Go Back to the Fingers and Start Curling

Once your hand structure is solid, go back to the fingers and establish the point of contact

access_time5 minutes 5 seconds


Episode 15

Responsive Hand With Bee Sting Relationship

Specific quality of sound with curled fingers

access_time4 minutes 47 seconds


Episode 16

The Feet Are Stabilizers but Do Not Exert Force

A connection that gives a feeling of stability without any force

access_time5 minutes 44 seconds


Episode 17

Gravity is Putting the Down Force

We need to put/provide the up force and balance those two

access_time3 minutes 58 seconds