"Horizontalizing" the piece

Alan is working with a student on Prokofiev Vision Fugitives, Op. 22 and they are attempting to "horizontalize" the piece, that is, change the approach from vertical to horizontal


person Alan Fraser

video_library 4 Episodes

schedule 24 minutes 50 seconds

Updated: 3 weeks ago


Episode 1

Arms' function is lateral not vertical

Sculpt the phrase with an arm and be aware of the line (Prokofiev Vision Fugitives, Op. 22)

access_time7 minutes 48 seconds


Episode 2

Make it a horizontal experience

The student is "horizontalizing" the piece

access_time7 minutes 2 seconds


Episode 3

Play like a salsa dancer

Fingers/legs moving while torso is still

access_time4 minutes 2 seconds


Episode 4

You be the conductor

Guild your forearm as if you were conducting an orchestra

access_time5 minutes 58 seconds