Big Sound

Big sound - how to archive it? Lessons, lectures and tutorials on big sound


person Alan Fraser

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Episode 1

Big sound in Rachmaninoff prelude in C sharp minor Op. 3 No. 2

An hour long lesson on this prelude with emphasis on big sound

access_time1 hour 5 minutes 41 seconds


Episode 2

Harmonic language has emotional logic

We are exploring big sound as well as orchestration in Rachmaninoff - Prelude in G minor Op 23 No 5

access_time8 minutes 35 seconds


Episode 3

Voice of the hand is in the arch of the hand

access_time5 minutes 21 seconds


Episode 4

Authoritative snapping sound

Character of the music dictates the touch

access_time5 minutes 31 seconds


Episode 5

The physical organisation can make your sound

The wrist always wants to be the important one, let the MCP do the work

access_time4 minutes 48 seconds


Episode 6

Have your sound instantly

Wrist and strength adjustment for the instant great sound

access_time5 minutes 9 seconds


Episode 7

All the physical stuff in piano playing isn't a distraction

You need to know how

access_time5 minutes 23 seconds