Biotensegrity: A New View Of Anatomy And Its Implications For Piano Technique

A talk Alan gave during MTNA conference in Spokane, WA. How did Alan come to connect the ideas of tensegrity and piano technique and what it all means to us.

By Alan Fraser

11 Lessons

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Retrain Your Brain

The idea is for our skeleton to take over the work of the muscles. Also, a bit of background on Alan and his journey.


The Model for the Human Body

Spine isn't just a stack of bricks. Alan also explains how tensegrity ideas relate to our bodies


Compression and Tension Elements

So what we are looking for is good kind of muscular tonus not plain old bad kind of tension


Weight Technique as Biotensegrity Entity

Arm weight isn't bad really. What's important is the way it's explained


Elastic Energy is Free Energy

Alan shows videos of people walking from the beginning of the last century and draws parallels on how we move today


Piano Action is Imitation of Tensegrity

Hammer and a key are elements in a kinematic chain


Biotensegrity in Piano Technique

The hand as a mini body concept


Hand Arch is the Voice of the Piano

Empowered structure = the piano's voice


A few exercises for the functional hand

Alan is demonstrating a few important concepts


The Empowerment Needs to be Truly Functional

In other words, no clenching, just pure power/function


Are You Doing Everything You Could

to make your conception actually sound