Chopin Etudes Op. 25

Chopin's Opus 25 etudes. A video on each. We are discussing technique, musicianship and best practices

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By Alan Fraser

9 Lessons

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Watch, Learn and Practice!


Chopin-Etude in A Flat Major Op 25 No 1

Not too difficult if you apply a few simple tips


Chopin-Etude in f Minor Op 25 No 2

Quite a few concepts from rotation to elasticity


Chopin-Etude in g sharp minor Op 25 No 6

Oh that left hand..


Chopin-Etude in f Major Op 25 No 3

We are looking for a specific degree of flattens in the fingers that gives us "snappy" and sharp sound we want


Chopin-Etude in a minor Op 25 No 4

Everybody plays staccato but they forget to phrase while doing so


Chopin-Etude in e minor Op 25 No 5

Stand up and become snaky!


Chopin-Etude in d flat major Op 25 No 8

Keep the hand in this state where you don't think of the 6th in the right hand and maintain the elastic structure


Chopin-Etude in g flat major Op 25 No 9

Get the touch for Chopin's sound. The action on modern pianos is more heavy than on pianos in Chopin's time.


Chopin-Etude in b minor Op 25 No 10

Octaves and the beautiful middle section. Such a versatile etude.