Performance Injury - Road to Recovery

Alan's video diary as he goes though recovery process (herniated discs in neck)

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By Alan Fraser

16 Lessons

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Retrain Sensory Motor System

The MRI shows 4 herniated discs in Alan's neck. His self-healing strategy: feed new info into the sensory-motor system


Adjustment of Posture in the Functional Sense

vs. mechanical sense and all that applied to piano


What is the Function

Don't follow the finger down into the key


The Hand - Body Relationship

We not only need to radiate the stand up motion throughout the body but also look into hand body relationship


Applying These Ideas to the Repertoire

Scriabin Op.9 No.1


Individuation of the Sound

The hand has this amazing capacity to individuate parts of itself from within


Thumb Corkscrew Action

Creates a moving entity


Well Organized and Integrated Posture

Where the kinematic chain goes from finger tip through the neck into the core


Taking the Pressure Off the Neck

Cramped shoulders and how Tai Chi helps with that


Remove The Bad Neuro Motor Patterns

and focal dystonia might just go away


A Specific Degree of Muscle Tonus

Alan is talking about specific type of tonus on the fingers complementary to the tonus of the thumb


Palm in Contact with the Keys

Alan says he can "sense through" the keyboard better if his palm is down, touching the keys. Notice that he still maintains the hand structure even though his palm is flat


Curling without any Tension

There is a way of not dis-empowering the MCP and really making it work


Play Mephisto Waltz from Injured Point of View

In other words, really dissect the score and learn it in a way that cultivates healing of Alan's injury


Mephisto Waltz Rockets

Alan is attempting to not only avoid the injury but actually heal his shoulder by approaching this segment properly


Injury Journal - Diaphragm Hip Joint Shoulder Hand

Latest update from Alan on his injury (April 2019)