Piano Technique and Jazz Pianists

We are exploring how Alan's ideas have an impact on jazz players.

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By Alan Fraser

7 Lessons

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Watch, Learn and Practice!


Is Over Relaxtion Limiting Your Sound

Structured vs relaxed hand and the sound we get (bone connections


Collapsed Punch Technique in Jazz

Is it a good or bad thing? Video quality is a bit low (technical difficulties while recording)


Separate the Thumb from the Hand in Jazz

helps a great deal when playing chords


Hand of a Jazz Player Needs to be Active Too

And that goes for everything you play


The Hand Structure Needs to Float

Maybe your hand structure is really good but if it doesn't move, your fingers are blocked


Technique and Sound in Improvisation

Great lesson on inner workings of the hand given to a jazz pianist. From Alan's institute in Novi Sad, 2018.


Jazz Piano - Improve Structure to Improve Sound

Alan is explaining how to create open, singing sound