The Antigravity Function and Biotensegrity

Alan talks about the real foundation for healthy piano technique.

By Alan Fraser

8 Lessons

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Antigravity is Wired in to our Neuro Motor System

Alan talks about antigravity function, how to use it and get that springy, pure quality tone


The Fingers are a Delivery System for the Wisdom of the Palm

Intimate contact with the keys, playing with the palm


If We Grasp We Instantly Have the Arch Structure of the Hand

Use the arch and nullify the uglu down forces and get the healty tone


The Arch of the Hand is Always Elastically Loaded

Extreme Voicing opens up he sound of the piano, and the arch should be elastic


How do We Manage this Structure

One fundamental error in how we understand human locomotion was that it's all done with muscle contraction


Arm Weight Technique and Antigravity

What allows us to produce tones that have musical value and no agression in them?


When Would You Use Flat Palm

Flat palm for different tone quality


How Can We be Elegant in Managing the Anti Gravity Function

Wrap up lecture in anti gravity series