How do we use rotation?

Based on a question submitted by our user markeog, Alan provided an elaborate answer that perfectly suits this series.

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By Alan Fraser

6 Lessons

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Amplification of How We Use Rotation

Question turned in a small series and this is part 1. Alan talks about what he has recently learned about rotation


Unstable Equilibrium and Rotation

Part 2 out of 3 in from Alan's Q&A on rotation. We are talking about the true skeletal alignment and rotating on the note.


Rotation and the Thumb

Alan is bringing the thumb into the picture. Rotating the opposite way?


Rotation and Elastical Connection

Alan is building up Mario's collapsed hand. The hand is joined by elastic strings of bones and has hyper-snake like movement similar to Chopin's hand.


Very Alive Fingers

Rotation is allowing fingers to stand up


Rotation While Maintaining Skeletal Balance

The paralel between hipjoints and the hand and the ease of lateral movement at the piano