The Organic Hand

From a lecture given during AFI - Leusden 2016

By Alan Fraser

7 Lessons

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Watch, Learn and Practice!


The Difference Between Falling Down and Standing Up

Alan talks about the dome of the hand, harpsichord technique and touch


Just Stand Up and Walk

Take your time but do stand up and walk. Feldenkrais and Menuhin anecdote


The Wisdom of The Palm

How do we make up the lost time and get up to speed with the propper technique


The Whole Finger Action Via Thumb Opposition

Thumb opposition is one of the basic hands movements and Alan explains why is it very importnat in piano playing


The Small Hand is a Perception

Think you can't play because of your small hands? See what Alan has to say on that


How Do We Apply All This in Music

We are talking about phrasing, sound, horizontal playing..


Organic Hand Series Wrap Up

Alan wraps up the lecture and the series by talking about palm, harpsichord, walking..