The fingering must always be the same

It's about the speed really

Sep 24, 2021 4 minutes 51 seconds Beginner Lesson

The danger of slow practice?

We have to be smart about our piano practice

Sep 20, 2021 4 minutes 50 seconds Beginner Lesson

Put pattern recognitions into your motorics

Basically training your motor neurons

Sep 16, 2021 6 minutes 39 seconds Beginner Lesson

It's always the same thing but the internal pattern is different

and requires specific yet fluid hand adjustments

Sep 14, 2021 4 minutes 18 seconds Beginner Lesson

Feel each note

stand up fully on each note

Sep 7, 2021 3 minutes 28 seconds Beginner Lesson

The first thing you do when you practice the piano

link the physical and musical experience

Aug 31, 2021 2 minutes 29 seconds Beginner Lesson

Do not read Hanon

If you read it every time, you are missing the point

Aug 29, 2021 3 minutes 25 seconds Beginner Lesson
Aug 14, 2021 5 minutes 14 seconds Intermediate Lesson

Metacarpal function of the thumb

without standing or making the thumb vertical

Aug 6, 2021 7 minutes 33 seconds Intermediate Lecture

Parasitic movements

What is it and how to avoid it

Aug 1, 2021 5 minutes 4 seconds Intermediate Lecture

Float the arm

The question was about the Rachmaninoff concerto but can it be applied to anything?

Jul 25, 2021 2 minutes 10 seconds Beginner Lecture

The great deal of robust positive standing energy

if your finger stays tense your thumb is not standing well, same for fingers, if they are solid,...

Jul 20, 2021 4 minutes 17 seconds Intermediate Lecture

Do the big movements to wake up your reflexes

Kind of a continuation of a previous answer on practice

Jul 14, 2021 2 minutes 4 seconds Beginner Lecture

Thumb capability

"Standing the thumb on the nail"

Jul 8, 2021 6 minutes 35 seconds Advanced Lecture