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Quick improvement in intermediate repertoire

Quick improvement in intermediate repertoire

The hand arch and the body

The hand arch and the body

Awakening an inert hand

Awakening an inert hand

"Horizontalizing" the piece

"Horizontalizing" the piece


Stand stand

The sound transforms while you stand

Oct 4, 2022 12 minutes 29 seconds Intermediate Lesson

You need a good relationship with the piano

The purpose of these ideas is to make us play the piano even better

Sep 23, 2022 2 minutes 45 seconds Beginner ATM

This is how you play the piano musically

Save yourself from additional work and do things the right way right away

Sep 20, 2022 2 minutes 38 seconds Beginner ATM

Go slow in order to go fast

Learn music slower but in the end you play musically much quicker

Sep 16, 2022 4 minutes 17 seconds Beginner ATM

Dance with the piano

Alan is talking about and demonstrating the natural flow of the body that is required while playi...

Sep 15, 2022 4 minutes 51 seconds Beginner ATM

Educate the motor cortex

Our focused mind can only handle so much while we play. We need to educate the body how to play

Sep 13, 2022 4 minutes 1 second Beginner ATM

Four sit bones

or ischial tuberosity

Sep 8, 2022 4 minutes 8 seconds Beginner ATM

My head stays in the middle

A Feldenkrais exercise demonstrated by Alan

Sep 2, 2022 4 minutes 51 seconds Beginner ATM

The piano hand arch

Through the lense of Feldenkrais

Aug 30, 2022 5 minutes 14 seconds Beginner ATM

Move the body

You have to move the body and find that sweet spot, not too tense, not too relaxed

Aug 29, 2022 3 minutes 32 seconds Beginner ATM

There is something in between tension and relaxation

If you are tense you can't play but you also can't when you are relaxed, so..?

Aug 28, 2022 2 minutes 55 seconds Beginner ATM

Real organic connection

This series closing episode is packed with useful info

Aug 25, 2022 10 minutes 9 seconds Intermediate Lesson

Activate these things for 10x more power

A few simple tips from Alan

Aug 23, 2022 2 minutes 9 seconds Intermediate Lecture

The movement of thumb opposition is the key

The more you oppose the better all the fingers work. Get that power to your hand

Aug 20, 2022 4 minutes 57 seconds Intermediate Lecture