Forearm movement to the rescue

Going laterally helps the fingers and makes the angle of arm to finger to key actually good

Apr 9, 2021 6 minutes Intermediate Lesson

Implementation abyss

Trills feel wonky?

Apr 5, 2021 6 minutes 3 seconds Intermediate Lesson

Kind im Einschlummern

Child falling asleep

Apr 2, 2021 18 minutes 56 seconds Beginner Lesson

Long trills and finger agility

A question about trills

Mar 23, 2021 Beginner Lecture

The hand should generate the force within itself

Organisation of the hand is very capable. Practice overholding!

Mar 18, 2021 5 minutes 14 seconds Beginner Lecture
Mar 10, 2021 5 minutes 30 seconds Beginner Lecture

Maintain tonus throughout the hand

Constantly evolving, empowering tonus of the hand

Mar 3, 2021 5 minutes 7 seconds Beginner Lecture
Feb 22, 2021 5 minutes 26 seconds Intermediate Lecture

The beauty of the tone is in perfect blending of subsequent melodic notes

The gravity is educating and informing skeleton how it can org itself into vertically without any...

Feb 16, 2021 4 minutes 31 seconds Beginner Lecture

Von fremden Ländern und Menschen

Of Foreign Lands and Peoples

Feb 9, 2021 27 minutes 27 seconds Beginner Lesson

Repeated notes

We are looking into repeated notes

Feb 2, 2021 12 minutes 26 seconds Beginner Lesson

Better control of the keys

The ear starts the appreciate the harmonic color which ultimately gives you better control

Feb 1, 2021 4 minutes 2 seconds Beginner Lesson

The arch is the source of all your tone colorations

Not only that but the very solid foundation on what you should base your piano technique

Jan 29, 2021 7 minutes 15 seconds Beginner Lesson
Jan 27, 2021 2 minutes 3 seconds Beginner Lesson