Kiddie Craft Demo Series

Kiddie Craft - Introduction
Lesson II-1-Meet Handy Harry visibility
Lesson II-3-Handy Harry Slipping and Sliding
Different Quality of Strength
Lesson II-4-Handy Harry as Swamp Monster-Hello Louis Lumbrical
Lesson II-5-Handy Harry Sticks his Bottom in the Air
Lesson II-6-Handy Harry Folds Himself Up To Do a Somersault: Hello Freddie Flexor
Lesson II-7-Freddie Flexor Helps Handy Harry Crawl like a Centipede
Lesson II-9-Kiddie Craft
Lesson II-10-Kiddie Craft
Lesson III-1-Fingers Beckon-Come Here and Wave Bye-Bye
Lesson III-2-Louis Lumbrical Saves Handy Harry
Lesson III-3-Handy Harry Comes up Onto All Fours
Lesson III-4-Handy Harry on All Fours on the Keys
The Hand is a Bipartite Structure
Lesson III-5-Handy Harry on the Trampoline
Lesson III-6-Handy Harry on the Keyboard Trampoline
Lesson III-7-Handy Harry is a Roly-Poly
Lesson III-8-Handy Harry Stands Up
Lesson III-9-Freddie Flexor Saves Handy Harry From Falling Off the Cliff
Lesson III-10-Freddie Flexor and Louis Lumbrical Work Together
Lesson III-11-Handy Harry Scratches His Leg
Lesson III-12-Handy Harry Slaps The Ground With His Foot
Lesson III-13-Handy Harry Launches Himself Forward
Lesson III-14-Handy Harry Revs His Legs
Lesson IV-1-The Woodpecker
Lesson IV-2-Handy Harry Scratches His Other Leg With His Thumb Foot
Lesson IV-3-Thumb Rolling Handy Harry Does a Somersault
Lesson IV-4-Handy Harry Draws a Square on the Ground
Lesson IV-5-Handy Harry Draws Circles in the Air
Lesson IV-6-Reverse Opposition
Lesson IV-7-Handy Harry-Alligator Makes a Big Yawn
Lesson IV-8-Alligator Grows Some New Teeth
Lesson IV-9-Tom Thumb and the Articulated Screwdriver
Tom Thumb Helps Handy Harry Take Some Giant Steps
Tom-Freddie and Louis Help Handy Harry
The Handy Harry Leg Slide Exercise

The main protagonist, Handy Harry

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scheduleMay 4, 2017

personAlan Fraser