This book simplifies the powerful, complex ideas of The Craft of Piano Playing without dummying them down. Making the technical tools of The Craft of Piano Playing accessible to your young students will:

Based on Alan Fraser’s The Craft of Piano Playing¸ these exercises address the importance of teaching proper technique and musicianship from the very beginning. Of use to:

The Craft of Piano Playing Simplified will eventually be published in book form: we want your help in bringing it to press. Download the modules, use the exercises with your pupils, and get back to us with your recommendations:

  • What exercises are effective?
  • Which could be discarded with no loss of quality?
  • Which need updating?
  • What changes/improvements would your recommend?
  • Do the exercises stand alone or do they need photo illustrations?
  • Would a simple musical etude associated with each exercise improve the format?
kiddie craft piano technique
Module Id Module Name Download
0 Table of Contents and Introduction Download
1 Whole body exercises Download
2 The hand stands up Download
3 The hand lies down Download
4 The thumb Download
5 The hand walks Download
6 Multiple 'legs' - Chords Download
7 Scales Download
8 Rotation Download

Designed to develop and refine the Kiddie Craft concept with input from the community.

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