Have you ever wanted to pick a brain of a really good piano player or teacher? Here at PianoTechnique.org, we offer a unique glimpse into the minds of some of the most eminent piano pedagogues, including Alan Fraser – we are the official lesson video site for the Alan Fraser Piano Institute. We take a “heuristic” approach, empowering you to discover or learn something for yourself.

The experience is hands-on, and highly interactive. Post tags in any video, or send questions to Alan who answers in video clips. Keep track of your progress, mark favourites, create private libraries and receive update notifications to make your experience both pleasant and meaningful. With its various learning tools and an ever-growing data base, this site is valuable to both performers and teachers. Get inspired about your own playing, and spread empowering ideas to your students young and old – they will be grateful. Much of our content focuses on technique, but many lessons delve into the meaning of artistry, deciphering the enigmatic nature of the great compositions. It’s like having your favourite piano teacher by your side 24/7.

PianoTechnique.org, an online service for pianists, built by pianists, is the brainchild of Jovan Haji-Djurich and Alan Fraser. We publish lectures, actual piano lessons, Feldenkrais ATMs, Q&A, and tutorials on the various technical and musical issues facing pianists. Videos are published on daily basis, all neatly organized in series and categories. We offer countless hours of video material – it’s up to you to dive in and embrace the knowledge! View your lessons in private, or share them with other site members. Watch other lessons, lectures, tutorials and performances, showcasing innovative approaches to technique, but also musical insights – all in an atmosphere of mutual inquiry.

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