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Title Student Privacy Watched
ATM 1 Monday-Arm Bridge Beside Head Alan
ATM 2-Tuesday-Breathing Alan
ATM 3-Wednesday Arm Frame Plus Lifting Head Alan
ATM 4-Thursday-The Pelvic Clock Alan
ATM 5-Friday-Lie On Side,Slide Hand On Arm Alan
ATM 6-Saturday-Pelvis Rises Up Alan
Lecture 1-A Developmental Approach ToP iano Technique Alan
Lecture 2 The Thumb Alan
Lecture 3- How To Play The Piano-How To Show This Stuff To Kids Alan
Lecture 4-Octaves and Chords Alan
Lecture 5-Legato Update Alan
Lecture 6 Performance Anxiety-WhatWeCanLearnFromHarpsichordTechnique Alan
Bach - Italian Concerto Kathy
Vaughn Williams Song Accompaniments Kathy
Song Accompaniment Part 1 Kathy
Song Accompaniment Part 2 Kathy
Song Accompaniment Part 3 Kathy
Mozart-F major Sonata-K332-1st Mvt Kathy
Rachmaninoff-Cello Sonata 2nd Mvt-1-BeforeFI Kathy
Rachmaninoff-Cello Sonata 2n dMvt-2-After FI Kathy
Bach WCT I Prelude F minor Teija
02 - Bach WTC I Fugue F minor Teija
Glazunov Concerto 2nd Mvt Teija
Glazunov Concerto #2 - 1stMvt Teija
Mozart C minor Fantasy Part 1 Teija
Mozart C minor Fantasy Part 1 Teija
Glazunov Concerto-Hand Standing Up Hand Lying Down Teija