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Title Student Privacy Watched
Intro Lecture - The Physical & the Musical Alan
Lecture 2 Alan
Feldenkrais 1 - Sitting on the Bench All
Haydn - D major Sonata-2 Yuchen
Haydn - D major Sonata-1 Yuchen
Mozart C+ Concerto 2nd Mvt Patrick
Schubert - Valse Sentimentale Yufei
Dvorak G minor Slavonic Dance-2 Jonathan
Dvorak G minor Slavonic Dance-1 Jonathan
Chopin - Revolutionary Etude-2 Jimmy
Chopin - Revolutionary Etude-1 Jimmy
Villa Lobos - O Polichinello Clement
Rachmaninoff - C#- Prelude Clari
Liszt - Db+ Consolation-2 Can
Liszt - Db+ Consolation-1 Can
Billant - Beethoven - Spring Sonata-2 Anne
Billant - Beethoven - Spring Sonata-1 Anne
GInastera 1st Danza Argentinas 2 Dora
Schumann Faschingshwank 1 Dora
Beethoven Moonlight 3rd Mvt Catherine
Liszt - Db+ Consolation-1 Ziqi
Ginastera - 2nd Danzas Argentinas Yiran
Dance of the Marionettes Xuan
Katchachurian - Toccata-2 Tristan
Katchachurian - Toccata-1 Tristan
Chopin - Bb minor Scherzo - Tarnatella Stephen
Q&A 2-Physical Strategies for Expressively Directed MicroTiming Alan
Q&A 1- Pianissimo - Trills - Glenn Gould Seat Height Alan
Granados - Dedication Peyton
7 yrs old - Walking Exercise Develop Hand Hip Joint Miya
7 yrs old - Schumann - Chopin from Carnaval Miya