How many Lessons get uploaded each week?

3-5 lessons, this number might vary.

Who are your Professors and how do you choose them?

Our professors are published and aclaimed pedagogues and performers.

What am I getting from this site?

A unique insight into the piano studio's of these great teachers. As if you are sitting in a piano lesson, as if you are there. Our community can tag interesting moments in the lesson, so you don't have to sit throughout the entire lesson if you don't want to.

What are the private workshops?

If you happened to attend Alan Fraser's Institute or a work group, you are entitled to access to all the lessons, lectures and ATMs given at that institute/workgroup. You do need to to be a member in order to access them.

How do I access my private lessons/workshops?

You can access your private lessons/workshops once logged in, by hovering your mouse pointer over account menu. You will see a list of links including the links to your private lessons and series.

What is Download Credit and how do I unlock workshops or download lessons?

In order to unlock a workshop or download a lesson, you need to deposit dowload credit. Simply fill in the information or update your profile so we can populate the fields for you. Enter the amount in $(usd) and pay. Once you do, you will be able to spend your download credit on unlocks or downloads.

I don't understand a thing?! Are there any video tutorials on this?

Yes, there are! There is a dedicated series on How to use

If there is something you would like to know, drop me an email or request I cover it on video.