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Piano Kinematics Conference Discussion

2 years ago by Jovan

We recorded the video some time last month. In the meantime, Alan has decided to hold the first conference in August 2019 in Novi Sad. More info below: 



First some background. Two of my old Novi Sad students, Kosta Jevtic and Maja Alvanovic have created the Piano City Festival in Novi Sad Serbia, where this year there were 88 concerts over three days. You can see a little more about the festival here or here, unfortunately these pages are only in Serbian. Next year they are cutting back the number of concerts but trying to maintain a consistently higher level of playing. Two of my students, Lili Bogdanova and Karolinka de Bree were there this year. Karolinka did not recover from an injury in time to play, but Lili played a wonderful concert on the excellent Steinway D concert grand in Novi Sad Town Hall.

Next year, I would like all of you to play recitals on that Steinway. Most of the Piano City pianists are local talent, but I would love to bring more International Stars into the festival and I think you guys would be perfect.

The recitals would be the culmination of a week-long series of events focused on Piano Somatics, the latest incarnation of my approach. 

My idea is to have a 4 or 5-day Alan Fraser Institute the week before the festival, beginning on Saturday August 31 or Sunday September 1, followed by a Piano Somatics Conference on Thursday, September 5, with presentations on various aspects of Piano Somatics - some given by myself but most by you. I am interested in lectures or lecture/recitals where you would present on what it's like to work with Alan Fraser, what you have gained from the experience, and how you have been using the ideas in your playing and teaching. I would like to have a sort of cross-fertilization experience where we can share and learn from each other. I am sure I would learn as much as any of you, and maybe more! The conference would be open to all Serbian and international pianists. Then on Friday through Sunday, September 6-8 the Piano City Festival proper would take place. If we had three hour-long recitals per evening in Novi Sad Town Hall, there would be 9 recital slots available.

The festival only pays 50 euros per concert, so this would be a basically a volunteer gesture on your part. However I would give all participants a break on the Institute fee to make the proceedings a little more feasible from a practical standpoint. We would try to find billets for people on a low budget to stay in Novi Sad for a week rent-free, or Airbnb apartments where several of you could split the cost, making it extremely cheap. The institute would take place at the Art Academy of Novi Sad in the picturesque Petrovaradin Fortress, where there are ample practice facilities for all participants. This is a chance to be Knights of the Pianistic Round Table for a week, and hearken back to the old days when Kemal was still King Arthur to my Lancelot. 

These events would be a wonderful opportunity for many of my best students to get to know each other, and most importantly to cross-fertilize, to learn from each other rather than just from me...

Please get back to me with your ideas about this. I am open to any suggestions, modifications etc etc.

I am really excited about this idea and do hope it can come to pass... a new possibility for Piano Somatics to make its mark in the piano world!