Thumb Corkscrew Action

PLaine 1 year ago [3820 XP]


I am still quite unfamiliar with this technique, but I think I am gettin the idea little by little...

Few questions about Thumb Corkscrew:

Does it often start with curved thumb and then straighten when it hits the key? We know Alan has taught a long time that thumb is most powerful when kept straight. Is this kind of an exception - thumb action is started with curved finger and then straigten with action of standing up? Personally this seems natural and powerful.

If this curved start point is correct, is it related to Seymor Fink's "claw position" which unfolds to "palm position"? (Mastering Pianotechnique p.37-38)?

Is there a special video which explains these details?




Jovan 1 year ago [7315 XP]

The first result from Alan's injury series but I am sure you have seen it already. I'll see if I can find more footage on this. 



markeog 1 year ago [7350 XP]

I have exactly the same question as Plaine.  I too wondered if the straightening of the thumb as it plays is similar to the "uncurling the claw" idea.  In fact, I was going to post a Q&A about it.  I still might do that. M.

PLaine 1 year ago [3820 XP]

I have thought that Thumb Cork Screw is a variation of "classic opposition". In classic version thumb starts straight and moves towards fingers along circular route. In Cork Screw version thumb is bent and in starting position it may touch hands side. Route which thumb goes is more close to fingers. End position of both variations is same or very close.

Is this right interpretation?

alanfraserpiano 11 months ago [405 XP]

Once I was talking about my injury resolution and doing the thumb corkscrew to play every melody note of the Scriabin Opus 9. The straight thumb is still ultra-important, but this technique adds the straightening movement, which makes things even better. A thumb that is simply straight is static; a straightening thumb is organic. 


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