Alan Fraser Summer Teaching In The US & Canada

By A Pianist
Hello everyone, Just to let you know that I have finally booked my flights home for the summer and so I have a schedule to offer of where I will be and when, for anyone interested in having some lessons. Please visit for all the details! Pianistically yours, AFF
By A Pianist
wow, very interested. But unfortunately I'm still going through the pilot training in Australia, and worrying about our company's financial state as to whether I can be hired right after.... By the way, although it is rather early to ask, is there any chance of taking some private classes from you? As a pilot I can get really cheap trans-pacific tickets regularly. I think I reached a point where I can hardly improve more by practicing on my own, and even reading your book. I think I missed some finer points of your book.To start with, I used your book. Later on, it's mostly using the ideas (mainly the beginning sections) to solve my very particular problems. I'm still improving if I work harder, but it's all hard work (mental work). I'm definitely progressing faster than my sister, who practices 10 times more than me and took up piano years earlier than me. But as I don't want to risk spending time on teaching a "wrong'' feeling, I now only play very sparely, stopping for months from time to time...
By A Pianist
Hi Alvin, I have always appreciated your posts and your intelligent relationship to my work. Of course I would be happy to work with you - we just have to find a time and place. My website has been sadly out of date but I promise now to keep it fresh with new announcements of master classes etc. In my experience, even those who feel they got a great deal from my book and DVD tend to get even more from a lesson... When people come to me who have really worked with the ideas, I see those ideas manifesting but often in gestation or in a "half-baked" way. It is simply just difficult to really communicate the kernel of the thing through the written word or TV screen. I am trying even harder in my second book to get some of these intangibles onto paper, but still, I think your intuition is right and a lesson or two would be useful for you now... All the best, AFF

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