Range Of Motion Issues In Right Hand

5 days ago by jocahdj in TECHNIQUE AND METHODS

I've been gradually retraining myself after years (like 40) of wrong approaches starting with bei...


How To Use PianoTechnique.org

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I recorded this series some time ago, it is still relevant but do let me know if any of the video...


Why Knuckle Cracking Makes That Sound

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This popped up on my feed today and I thought some of you might find it interesting in case you h...


Help Me POI This Lesson

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There are lots of great things in there but I think I need your help if you have the time of cour...


Abby Whiteside

3 weeks ago by markeog in PIANO TEACHING & PEDAGOGY

This is really a question for Alan.  I think it is so great that you have been talking in the last c...