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PianoTechnique.org, an online service for pianists, built by pianists, is a brainchild of Jovan Haji-Djurich and Alan Fraser. A new, innovative approach to visual learning following the heuristic method of learning. We publish lectures, actual piano lessons, Q&A, tutorials on various technical and musical issues a pianist might encounter. Videos are published on daily basis, all neatly organized in series and categories.

A lot of our content is heavily focused on technique but many videos dig into nature of the work and delve into in detail deciphering the enigmatic nature of the pieces. It’s like having your favorite piano teacher by your side 24/7.

Interactivity is one of the key features of this service. You can interact with the videos via in-video tags you post yourself or any other member of the community. Another perk our service offers is ability to post questions and receive answers from Alan himself in video form. This might be a good starting point to discovering the service as well as many free videos throughout the site. Bells and whistles like series update notifications, progress tracking, favorites or private libraries also ensure pleasant experience while browsing our content.

Joining takes less than a minute, and, if your peers are correct, is a pretty dang good decision. If you enjoyed watching the DVD, then this medium is the right thing for you. Sheer amount of content available at the moment could fit hundreds of DVDs. Ever growing libraries and mechanisms built to facilitate your online learning will be a valuable assets to your pianistic growth.

One more thing! The site is extremely beneficial to piano teachers. Get inspired and spread new ideas to your young or adult students. They will thank you later.

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